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The journal Science & Technology Development is an official organ that releases scientific findings and technology transfer of Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM). The journal aims to - Boost scientific research and technology transfer among VNU-HCM scientific staff, helping to develop the scientific staff and serving education, research and implementation of technological applications for the development of science, production, and life. - Facilitate the exchange of scientific-technological information and bridge the distance between science and reality in the community of teachers, scientists, managers and businesses in and outside the country. - Provide timely information of VNU-HCM scientific-technological activities, making it possible for VNU-HCM members and other institutions to exchange experience and learn from each other. The journal involves information in VNU-HCM’s fields of training: basic sciences, technique and technology, sciences of the earth and enviroment, social sciences and humanities, higher education, economic management. The journal receives articles from teachers, researchers, students (undergraduate and graduate), and doctorate candidates, in and outside VNU-HCM. The articles issued in the journal are mainly reports of theoretical and practical research works that also add to the scores of the authors’ research projects. Article reviews will be requested by the Board of Editors. Besides, articles of scientific information and case studies in various fields will also be selected for the journal. Copyright in 2006 belongs to VNU-HCM “Science and Technology Development” Journal. Any copy or reprinting of any form must be permitted by the Journal.


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Chọn Các bài nộp tự do Chọn Đã lập chỉ mục Chọn Đã phản biện chuyên gia

A. Theo chủ đề: Kinh tế Việt Nam 2014 - 2015 Vietnam’s economy in 2014 – 2015

Chọn Các bài nộp tự do Chọn Đã lập chỉ mục Chọn Đã phản biện chuyên gia

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Chọn Các bài nộp tự do Chọn Đã lập chỉ mục Chọn Đã phản biện chuyên gia

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The Board of Editors will send the submitted articles to scientists concerned to examine and select for issuance. However, the authors must be responsible for the accuracy and possible mistakes in the data, ideas, viewpoints, and references of their articles. The Board of Editors will not be responsible for any consequence related to these issues.


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